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We believe everyone should have a spiritual home in a community where greater expressions of Love bring growth and Peace.

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A Message from Rev. Patty Becker

 Wednesday March 25, 2020

"Living in the Mystery"

The man in the photo above appears to be contemplating the storm. He also appears to be fearless!  If you have ever lived in a region where tornadoes have a season, then you know that they come and go quickly, and no one knows where they will touch down, or what the damage will be, if any at all.   
If you have lived in one of these regions, you know about sheltering the storm.
Right now, we are living in the mystery of a storm and we are sheltering. If you have been attending our Prayer Services on the first Sunday of each month, then you have an understanding of the Power of Prayer during this time.  We are asking that you Shelter in Faith, for that power of prayer is greater than any storm.  
You are part of a loving Spiritual Community that cares about you.  We want to hear from you, so that we may continue to stand in our faith, together.  We can be reached by phone or email for spiritual support ANYTIME.
You may call me, Rev. Patty at 253-226-1635 or pattybecker@gmail.com and also unityofkent@yahoo.com.  I will speak to you directly.  
If you need help or want to be of help, we want to hear from you.  As we say at the top of this page every week, your life matters to us.  Together we will live through this mystery, stand in our faith, and when this is over we may even be transformed.  If ever there was a time to experience the love and support of our spiritual community - Right now, this is it.  

How to use the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil

Whether you are in need of a prayer for yourself or others,  our Prayer Chaplains are always ready to serve. 


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Call (253) 854-9747   

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