Outside Dinner

Unity of Kent Food Pantry

Our pantry and food bank serves our local homeless and the occasional family from our community. Donations from our congregation are what keep us going. We have our ongoing needs list posted on our pantry door (downstairs in the fellowship hall) as well as having it upstairs on our table. Each Winter we have a Cold Weather Drive where we collect socks, hats, gloves and scarves. We receive enough donations to last us the whole year most Winters. Our pantry  is always open, even if the door is closed!

Popular Items are : (POP TOP or easy opening cans are preferred)

-Vienna Sausages  
-Cup O Noodles
-Small Jars of Peanut Butter
-Any kind of soup
-Pasta or Chili
-Pudding cups
-Applesauce cups
-Snack size crackers
-Cereal bars
-Instant oatmeal packs
-Fruit Cups

-Toiletries are always in needs too
-SOCKS! We are always in need of socks
-Quart and gallon ziplock baggies
-Paper grocery bags with handles
-Cases of bottled water